Happy 1 million views Team B!

Happy 1 million views Team B!

I know what they ganna say sh*t about me
— B.I (Be I)
I think setting high goals or dreaming big may be necessary for people like us who is at a starting point to jump into music shows, concerts, etc.
— Song Mino

Who is your iKON bias? →


Spread this post and answer it please? ^^ I want to see where tumblr stands on biases!

This is more reliable than a poll to find out who biases whom because people can only answer once.

Terms of the poll:

  1. "All of them" is an acceptable answer. So is ot6 + ________
  2. Votes are…



I was happy with M&M because we can finally see Yunhyeong’s personality (He was barely shown in WIN tbh). 

I was able to see that…


The way he cried because of  the burden on BI’s  shoulder is just… TT.TT

Yoyo FTW!


Too much skinship.

Happy Dimsum.